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Claritas PopFacts

The Claritas PopFacts demographic profile is a supplemental dataset that includes approximately 100, 250, or 500 data elements (depending on tier of purchase) that describe the demographic characteristics of your community at the state, county and zip code or census tract level. Claritas annual estimates provide richer population estimates than the Census QuickFacts.

All elements purchased will be available on your site’s demographic dashboard

Which demographic elements are included?

Base counts such as population, number of households, families, and housing units are available at the state, county and zip code or census tract level. The estimates also include counts and percentages for race, ethnicity, sex, age, language spoken at home, marital status, household income, educational attainment, and much more! A full list of demographic elements is available upon request.

To compare QuickFacts vs. Claritas check out the chart below:

   QuickFacts  Claritas PopFacts
 Number of  Data  Elements   ~60   100, 250 or 500 (depending on tier of purchase)
 Source   U.S. Census  Bureau   Nielsen
 Data  Updates   Varies  between 1 –  5 years   Updated annually
 Granularity   State and  County   State, County and Zip Code or Census Tract
 Data  Aggregation    Not available

 Custom regional views, such as hospital’s primary and secondary
 service area, can be created

 Data  Visualization   Not available  Create custom charts and pie graphs with ability to compare multiple
 variables and locations in one chart
 GIS Mapping  Integration   Not available   View select demographic elements alone on a map, or as a layer on top
 of mapped indicators
 Data  Downloads  Not Available 

 Download select charts into PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG formats (all users);
 download all demographic data into csv/spreadsheet format (website  administrator only)

Explore HCI Platforms with Claritas PopFacts Demographics

Tier 1 – 100 demographic elements

Tier 2 – 250 demographic elements

Tier 3 – 500 demographic elements

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