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Using the Report Assistant

Use the Report Assistant to pull together related content, such as indicators or promising practices, based on keyword topics for one location. The results can be saved as a PDF, emailed, or printed and incorporated into a report.

To create a new report, begin by typing keywords in to the search box to find content for your report - including indicators, promising practices, reports, plans, community resources, data resources, funding opportunities, infographics, toolkits and websites. If entering a phrase put the keywords "in quotes."
Choose the report content: The search will bring up items that match your search terms. You will need to drag and drop items into the "Chosen Content" list to include them in your report. You may enter new search terms to find additional content without losing your current selections.

Click "Customize Report."

Enter your chosen report title.

Add a report description (optional). This text will appear at the top of the report and should explain the scope of the report.

Choose "Content Format;" either "Short" (title, brief description & link) or "Detailed" (all data fields). 

Determine the location(s) for the indicators presented.

Include your email (optional) to be sent an edit link for this report. HCI does not store your email address or disclose it to anyone. 

Click "Run Report" or "Save and Add More Content"

The output will include two links: one to view and one to edit this report in the future. 



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